The magnified vague between Satan and Esu

The magnified vague between Satan and Esu.

Satan(lucifer)is a fallen angel, a once glorified creature later cursed by God, he was not born of any human but uses humans to manifests it’s evil nature,he is a spirit that no mortal man has even seen with their naked eyes,except in some rare cases which are spiritually,Yoruba has a name for such being prior colonization,but not Esu as known it’s called Emin-ibi (evil spirit) whosoever that being possessed by the evil spirit is call (Elemin ibi) ,the philosophical mental picture of this spirit “Satan”, he is consider among the finest creature living on earth and he has the power to transform to any form,
*ESU (esu- elegba or laolu – ogiri oko)*
is not a ghost nor fallen angel, he was birthed by a woman named “Imin” and he gave birth to ogboni, Esu was an administrator of justice and messenger for all other orisas ,he is the carrier of sacrifice from one orisa to another,he do takes sacrifices from earth to heaven as believed, according to the IFA priest Ora eulogy, Esu was encapsulated as beign agile ,physically short and garrulous in nature,he always call for challenge ,he is powerful persuasive orisha and in his mysterious power he can also change to anything he likes ,he walked with sango and oya and which later in his life turned to be a black stone,he was widely known for his principality of calamities,death ,tricky,chaos,misfortune , and justice at hold .some have believe in him to be god
And a mediator between them and almighty God.
So Believing Satan to be Esu and the vice versa is a bit uncalled for , this prototyped believe is as just a result of lingual differences and misinterpretation of Esu’s personality due to his devilish behavior.
“Satan is a fallen angel ,while Esu is one of the deities in Yoruba religion”
*Sonnet writes*

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Happy Jumat Mubarak Yah Muslims

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