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Nigerian has collapsed economically.

Posted by on February 13, 2023 0

Nigerian leaders can be compared with a lunatic.when u want to collect something from a lunatic,he will threatened u,so that u will not come close.

But if u want to over power him,u will behave like him to even shoult louder than him.He will know u are mad and surrender.

kingdom of Nigeria has suffered violent,only violent men take it by force.A mouth that has been eating our common wealth,for u to stop him,is a battle of his life.

This is a battle of every right thinking human being must be involve.we must join hand to obtain this victory.

Some use to ask me how are u sure that Peter obi and Datti Baba Ahmad.will be better.

for me,base on their track record and anticident.Base on the fact that,this movement has been powered by ordinary people.especially youth.

I hope is better we trust the people,we hope they will better our life if elected.Than those u want to use their money and connections,is very obvious that,they will not remember ordinary Nigeria.

it will be paddy paddy Government.I call on Nigeria to forget tribalism for once and vote the best candidate that will kick start Nigeria rebirth.

let us for once shun favoritism,tribalism and vote merit.

Nigerian has collapsed economically.

Nigeria at this point need a creative leaders,who will think outside the box to fixe this country.

For those u care to listen,if we fail to get it right,there will be a trumpet that will shake the foundation of our country.
when these happen,I fear Nigeria may not exist any longer.contu

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