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The cake fell from Gianna’s hand and landed on the ground. Linda gasped and looked at the ruined cake.

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The cake fell from Gianna’s hand and landed on the ground. Linda gasped and looked at the ruined cake.

👥 Cassie is back??

👥 Wow!! More dramas!!

👥 Our school queen bee is back!!

Dean smiled, rubbing his palms on her cheek and Cassie mirrored his smile. She stood on her toe and slammed her lips on his.

Dean held her waist and kissed her back. Gianna swallowed hard before running out of the scene.

“She’s the Cassie you told me about?” Nathaniel asked to Lance who nodded with an eye roll.

Nathaniel shrugged and left for his girlfriend. He smiled and waved at the people who kept commenting on him.

“Bunny!!” Arianna ran to him and hugged him.

👥 I don’t know who’s lucky between the two of them..

Arianna broke the hug and immediately frowned.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this? That you were going to be their fourth member” Arianna asked.

“It was supposed to be surprise, I couldn’t ruin it” Nathaniel said.

“And this girl!! Who’s she? Why was he touching you and you even pretended to kiss” Arianna said, showing him the music video she paused at Nathaniel’s part.

“It’s just acting.. No strings attached” Nathaniel said.

Arianna kept frowning..

“Don’t tell me you’re màd” Nathaniel said.

Arianna scoffed and left. Nathaniel sighed and pinched his brows.

“Girls… I can never understand that gender” He muttered, going after her.

“Baby.. C’mon” Nathaniel whined as he walked behind her.

Arianna ignored him and kept walking. Nathaniel sighed and hastened his footsteps then dragged her into an empty class.

Arianna let out a gasp as he pinned her against the door. She began staring at him with wide eyes..

Nathaniel smiled and lowered his face to her level.

“It’s just part of the acting and even if the whole world wants me just know that I belong to one person and that’s you and only you. Can’t believe you’re so jealous” Nathaniel poked her forehead.

“Are we okay now?” Nathaniel asked and she nodded while blushing..

“Blushing Queen. That should be your nickname” Nathaniel said and kissed her pointy nose before kissing her lips.

“Can we now go?” Nathaniel asked and she nodded like an obedient kid.

Nathaniel looked at her for awhile and let out a cute smile before giving her some space. Arianna finally released the breath she was holding.

If only he knew how much effect he has on him. He opened the door and they left while holding hands.

Four classes away, Gianna could be seen sitting on the floor while crying her eyes out.

She then remember what Dean told her few days after the incident at the cinema.


"Gianna,, about the kiss.. I'm really sorry about that,, I was just. I didn't know what came up into me" Dean said awkwardly.

"It's okay. I didn't know what got into me too,, let's just act like it didn't happen" Gianna stretched her hand forth

Dean accepted the handshake.



Truth be told, she couldn’t get the kiss of her head and each time she saw him her heart couldn’t help but beat cràzily.

Yesterday when their new album was released, she always smile when it got to Dean’s part.

She knew it was wrong to be feeling this way since he had a girlfriend but she just couldn’t help herself from feeling such way.

“Gianna?” Arianna opened the door and peeped in.

She got to class with Nathaniel and couldn’t see Gianna so she decided to go and look for her.

“Gianna!!” Arianna gasped and rushed to her. She held her shoulder.

“Why are you crying!! What’s wrong?” Arianna asked, touching her cheek.

“Why is it that I always end up falling for the wrong person?? Can’t this stúpid heart fall for someone who’ll like me back?? It hurts!!” She cried out.

“What happened? Tell me.” Arianna said

Gianna told her everything in tears and Arianna sighed. She sat down next to her and made Gianna place her head on her shoulder.

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“I’m sorry it had to turn out this way Anna,, but you shouldn’t give up on love. When I found out about Lance’s plan on me,, I felt kinda heartbroken and coupled with my family issues I thought I’ll never be happy but here I am, everything is falling back in places. Well not completely but it’s improving” Arianna said, rubbing Gianna’s hair.

Gianna nodded.

“Can.. Can you stay here with me for some while?” Gianna asked.

Arianna smiled and nodded and they stayed like that in silence.



“Wtf!!!” Linda slammed her hand hard on the table.

They were all sitting in a cafeteria, having their lunch.

“How can a relative be this cruel!! I feel like pulling a trigger at him” Linda said angrily.

“We’re so sorry Jasmine. We never had any idea it was what you were going through, why didn’t you tell us” Arianna rubbed her shoulder.

“I was just afraid he’ll hurt you guys” Jasmine muttered.

She wasn’t wearing the baggy wears she used to wear but was back to how she used to be before her uncle did all those things to her.

“Good thing Theodore knew about it.. That’s my boy” Linda said

“You say you now live with him?” Gianna asked and Jasmine nodded while smiling.

“I think,,, I like him” Jasmine said shyly.

“Ouuuu!!!” The girl’s chorused.

“But I’m not sure about him. What if he’s just helping me out of sympathy” Jasmine said sadly.

Nancy walked in the cafeteria and as usual, she went and sat down alone in one corner then began eating.

That’s what she has been doing since..

“What’s wrong with that wítch” Linda asked, gesturing at Nancy.

“I don’t know” Arianna shrugged she looked at Nathaniel and frowned.

He was sitting with the boys on another table and girls swoon round the table, some came to take a selfie with him, some came to make a video with him and the boys. Some came with gifts to give to their bias.

“So annoying” She scoffed and took a sip on her milkshake.

“Get used to it Anna.. You boyfriend is a celebrity now” Linda said.

“Can I take a picture with you Nathaniel, I wanna show it to my friends that I’m schoolmates with a celebrity” A girl said and took a selfie with Nathaniel

“Can I have your autograph Lance?” A girl asked shyly.

“Cole I brought a gift for you”

“Dean, can we date for 5 minutes?”

The girls kept swooning around them even more.

“Can’t I eat my lunch in peace?” Lance sighed and took a bite of his sandwich.

👥 Ahh!! Lance you eat like a god!!

Lance immediately choked on his meal. Nathaniel passed him a bottle of water while laughing. He took it and gulped down really fast, slowly calming down.

“Excuse me ladies” Lance said and stood then left the table for another one

He placed his meal on a table and Nancy looked up. She slowly looked away as Lance sat down.

“Can I know why my little sis is this sad? You’ve been like that for weeks now” Lance said, resuming to eat his meal.

“None of your business” Nancy said.

“Always polite as usual” Lance said and focused on his meal.

Travis walked in the room and her eyes immediately followed him as he walked to Arianna’s table.

“Anna, can I talk to you for a while?” He smiled.

Arianna looked at the girls who nodded.

“Uhh,, sure. Let’s go” She said and stood up then left with her.

Nancy sighed sadly.

“He didn’t even bother to ask how I was feeling since he broke my heart. My existence doesn’t even matter to him” Nancy said without knowing.

“I see,, so it’s about Travis” Lance said, cleaning his mouth.

“Well you can’t force him to love you. All you have to do is just move on or try to forget about him” Lance said and stood up.

“Honestly, I think you should get your heart broken frequently,, it makes you look cool” Lance winked and left.

“Is he cràzy?” Nancy said. She shook her head an resumed eating her meal

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“Girls!!” Cassie screamed as she walked to Amber and Julia.

“Bestie!!” Amber screamed too as they hugged.

“How are my favorite b*tches doing?” Cassie asked, sitting down.

Her straight long hair fell on her front and her fresh long legs stood out s*xily in her short skirt.

“We missed you so much!!” Julia pouted.

“Me too.. I was supposed to come back next month but when you told me some b*tch wanted to steal my man I had to rush back here” Cassie said.

“There she is” Amber pointed and Gianna who was laughing with her friends.

Cassie frowned.

“She’s not even that pretty” Cassie said disgustingly.

“I know right?”

“Don’t worry.. I know how to handle microbes like her” Cassie smirked, playing with her manicured fingers.

“So what did you want to tell me?” Arianna asked when they got to a calm alley.

“Why Nathaniel and not me?” Travis blurted out.

“Huh?” Arianna raised her brows.

“It’s been long I’ve had this insane feeling for you Anna, why can’t you just give me a chance.. I love you” Travis took her hand.

Arianna slowly removed her hand from his grip.

“I’m sorry Travis. I really appreciate you saving me and for all the time you’ve been kind to me but I just see you as a friend” Arianna said and Travis felt his heart broke.

“I don’t get it Anna, what does Nathaniel has that I don’t. I’ve loved you even before he arrived,, it isn’t fair!” Travis cupped her cheek.

“Travis..” Arianna’s eyes widened when he suddenly slammed his lips on hers.

Arianna quickly got herself back and she pushed him then landed a slap on his cheek.

“How dare you!!” Arianna said angrily while wiping her lips.

“Anna I’m sorry, I didn’t know what came up into-” Arianna pushed him out of the way and left.

“F**k!!” Travis punched the locker.

Someone came out of her hiding while smiling. She looked at the video she just made before clicking “save” and she quietly left.

Lunch break was over so it was time to resume class. Nathaniel could be seen, bringing out a book from his locker.

He closed it and turned back to leave but suddenly bumped on someone. He subconsciously caught the person by the waist before she could fall and person’s hand landed on his chest.

The girl opened her eyes and gasped. Nathaniel raised his brows. Isn’t this Cassie, Dean’s girlfriend? How come she now has short hair.

“Sorry” Nathaniel muttered and released her.

“Thanks” She tugged her hair behind her ear and smiled cutely.

“You’re Cassie right?” Nathaniel asked.

“Oh no! I’m Dassie, Cassie’s twin” Dassie said.

“Alright” Nathaniel shrugged.

Dassie bit her lips as she drooled over him.

“He’s much more handsome in real than on TV” She said inwardly.

“See you around then” Nathaniel muttered.

“No wait! We’re in the same class, let’s go together..” Dassie held his arm.

Nathaniel looked at her hand on his arm before he stylishly removed it.

“Sure, let’s go” He smiled and Dassie almost tripped when she saw his cute smile and dimples

They began walking to class while discussing. They both walked in the class and parted ways.

Nathaniel winked at Arianna when he walked pass her and she blushed. Dassie who saw that frowned and rolled her eyes.

Jasmine got to her sit and met Theodore sleeping as usual. She chuckled and hit his head, waking him up.

“Stop sleeping in class dummy” Jasmine said.

“I can’t help it. I already saw the future and the lesson is so boring” Theodore yawned.

Jasmine began looking at him. Theodore turned to her and smirked.

“I know I’m handsome, don’t drool too much” Theodore smirked.

“How’s your bruises. Does it hurt?” Jasmine asked and touch the bruise on his lips.

Theodore became mute and he began staring at him.

“Theo?” Jasmine called and he blinked back to reality.

He slowly removed her hand from his lips.

“It’s healing” He muttered and looked front.


Jasmine looked at him for a while before looking front too.

The teacher walked in and almost immediately, the classes began.

Two hours later, the classes were over and the next thing in line was gym time. The boys were to play soccer now.

“Can’t believe I missed you so much!!” Cassie said as she hugged Dean’s arms.

Dean smiled and kissed her hair.

“Me too babe, you really surprised me this morning” Dean smiled.

👥 Gosh! They look so cute together!!

👥 How I wish I was Cassie.

“Need to go and change for the soccer game” Dean said.

“I can come help you” Cassie said naughtily and Dean smirked.

“How about you come help me at home” Dean said.

“Sounds perfect” She whispered to him.

Dean chuckled and pecked her lips before leaving. Cassie watched as Dean walked away with a smile. Her eyes caught Gianna who was walking to the dressing room.

“I see you’re the lowlife b*tch who thought she could get a chance with my man” Cassie smirked.

Gianna halted and turned back. She saw it was Cassie and rolled her eyes then continued walking.

“Don’t even think of coming near my man. You don’t know how vicious I can be” Cassie said.

“All bark no bite” Gianna muttered.

“What!!” Cassie flared up and grabbed Gianna’s arm.

“How dare you talk back.. Do you know who I am?!” Cassie said loudly.

“I suggest you start wearing an identity card on your neck then” Gianna smirked.


“Yeah.. So that you can stop asking dúmb questions like ‘who I am'” Gianna said and slapped her hand off her arm.

“How dare you!” Cassie raised her hand up to slap her.

“Touch me with that rotten skeleton of yours and I’ll break it. I’m serious” Gianna said and Cassie paused.

Gianna smirked and turned then left. Cassie folded her fists tightly in anger..



“Looks like someone is more happy today” Nathaniel smiled as he wore his wristbands properly.

Dean was already dressed in his sportswear and he was sitting on the couch, tying his shoelace.

“That happiness won’t last” Lance muttered, coming out of his room.

“Why do you hàte Cassie that much! She’s been nothing but loving to me!” Dean frowned

Lance smile and ran his hands through his hair.

“I’m just warning you” Lance said and left the suite.

Dean sighed and left with Nathaniel while Cole was the last. He was walking to the field outside the school when he saw Linda and Lance.

“Lance, can I talk to you?” She said and Lance smiled and nodded.

They both entered inside an empty class. Cole shrugged and turned to leave since it was none of his business but something kept pulling him back there. He took few steps away but on second though he turned and walked there to spied on them.

His eyes widened and he felt his heart break in thousand pieces at the scene he saw.

Linda and Lance they were both… Kissing

He stared at them for a while as he felt a drop of tear fall down his cheek. He turned and made to leave when he bumped into Theodore.

“There are you.. We’ve been looking for- wait are you crying?” Theodore’s eyes widened.

Cole quickly cleaned his tears and looked away.

“It’s nothing.. Tell the others I won’t be able to play, I don’t feel to well” He said and with that, he left.

Theodore stood there in confusion as he looked around. The door behind him opened and Lance and Linda came out while holding hands.

“Oh you two are here.. I came to look for you, the match will soon begin. Cole said he isn’t feeling too well” Theodore said.

“Oh okay.. Let’s go” Lance said and Linda nodded.

They left.


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