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How to Score HIGH in JAMB 2023: 7 helpful ways By Naijaspirit

Posted by on March 6, 2023 0

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a computer-based standardized exam for prospective undergraduates in Nigeria. It is designed to assess the readiness of the student to pursue tertiary education in the country.

The UTME is conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and includes sections on English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Government.

When will 2023 UTME hold?

UTME 2023 will be held from March 8 to April 12, 2023.

Okay! Sorry for taking you out of the ocean. Why are we really here? How to score high In JAMB 2023?.

Below are seven (7) secret and helpful ways you can follow to score really high In 2023 JAMB.

Mind you, scoring really high in JAMB is not really something you can just talk about, it involves a process and an action. A majority believe JAMB is a very tough exam to sit for but I will break it to you, it isn’t.

All you have to do to score high In JAMB 2023 is to follow the methods below.

1. Start your preparation early:

Start studying for JAMB early and be organized. Get your syllabus, textbooks, and other study materials. Set timelines and goals for yourself to stay on track and motivated.

Start preparing for JAMB 2023 as early as possible. Make sure you have enough time to cover the entire syllabus.

2. Get the updated JAMB Syllabus:

The updated JAMB syllabus for 2022 can be found on the official JAMB website. The syllabus includes topics from English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Government, Literature-in-English, Christian Religious Knowledge, Islamic Religious Knowledge, Economics, Commerce, Agricultural Science, and Geography. For more information, visit


Get the most recent syllabus of subjects you are writing. You can get this on the JAMB website.

3. Read extensively:

Reading extensively can help expand your knowledge and understanding of the world. It can help you think critically, clarify your thoughts, and increase your creativity.

Reading can also help you identify and develop new interests, as well as improve communication and writing skills.

Furthermore, reading can give you insights on different perspectives and cultures, and help you gain access to a variety of informational resources

Read extensively and make sure you understand what you are reading. Write down the important points and review them regularly.

4. Practice past questions:

Taking practice tests is one of the most effective ways to prepare for JAMB. It will help you identify which areas you need to focus on and also give you an idea of the types of questions you should expect on the test.

Check this out :

Practice past questions for jamb

1. When an object is placed at a distance of 60cm from a concave mirror, the location of its image is

A. 60cm from the mirror

B. 30cm from the mirror

C. Beyond the mirror

D. At the pole of the mirror

Answer: B. 30cm from the mirror

2. Which of the following is not a type of computer memory?





Answer: B. CPU

Get past questions and practice them regularly. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the JAMB question pattern and also to identify topics you are weak in.


5. Attend JAMB tutorials:

JAMB tutorials are classes or seminars designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to prepare for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

These tutorials typically cover topics such as English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Government.

These tutorials are typically available both online and in-person, and provide students with an opportunity to learn the material required to pass the exam.

Additionally, some tutorials also offer practice tests and advice on how to maximize one’s chances of success.

Attend tutorials to help you understand topics better. Tutorials will also help you better prepare for the JAMB exam.

6. Get enough rest:

Getting enough rest can help you stay focused and alert when studying. Avoid eating junk food and try to get a good night’s sleep.

Make sure you get enough rest before the exam. This will help you remain focused and alert during the exam.

7. Aim for the highest score:

To aim for the highest score in JAMB, it is important to start preparing for the exam well in advance.

Make sure to create a study plan and stick to it.

Make sure to review the curriculum for the subjects you are taking and make sure to practice as much as you can.

It is also important to focus on weaker areas and practice more for those. Take regular mock tests to evaluate your performance and identify areas for improvement.

keep motivated and stay focused on your goal.

Aim for the highest score you can get in the JAMB exam. This will increase your chances of getting admission into your desired institution.

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Scoring high in JAMB 2023 requires hard work and dedication. You should begin by creating a study plan that includes reading through past JAMB questions and practicing mock exams. Additionally, stay up to date with the latest trends in JAMB syllabus, format and scoring system. Finally, stay focused and motivated to ensure that you reach your goals.


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