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How You Can Relocate To Canada Via The Study Route By Seyi Obasi

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Canada is a country flowing with milk and honey. So many people (probably including you) want to be a permanent resident of Canada due to the comforts such as security of lives and properties, access to quality education for as many as possible, a good health system, and a lot more that she offers her citizens. Due to these good conditions and opportunities, many youths want to move to Canada, become permanent residents, and are ready to give it whatsoever it will require from them.

Unfortunately, not everyone who desires to achieve this lofty dream is able due to so many reasons ranging from lack of the knowledge required for the relocation process, to inability to follow stipulated guidelines thereby leading to them paying huge sum of money (in hundreds of thousands) to travel agents for what they can personally do by themselves.

In some cases, these youths lose their hard-earned money in the process falling into the hands of dubious relocation agents under the guise of helping them with trip arrangements, securing accommodation, and assistance in getting lucrative job offers in Canada. What a costly mistake that is avoidable.

Follow me as I share with you briefly the true life story of a friend that was almost scammed by a dubious travel agent but is now in Canada through a reliable and guaranteed means. Her name is Seyi Obasi.

This is the story of how Seyi went from feeling hopeless and confused about relocating to Canada to becoming a Canada permanent resident using the study route. She tried relocating to UK, Australia, or Canada. For Australia she was refused permanent residency while for Canada she was in the pool for almost a year, then her profile expired. She also applied to several jobs only to be disappointed. Seyi was not invited for even a single interview.

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Then she came across an agent that promised her accommodation, a flight ticket, and a job in Canada. And then she was almost scammed by the dubious travel agent.


Like most Nigerians, Seyi started praying, making research, and getting good counsel from friends within and outside Nigeria.

Through this counsel and research, she decided to go to Canada via the study route.

The Study Route involves five simple steps:

STEP 1: Choose a school and program in a province that makes becoming a Permanent residence (PR) easy after graduation.

STEP 2: Apply to University/ college (depending on CGPA and other school requirements). Second Lower and HND graduates are also able to utilize the study route.

STEP 3: Get offer and apply for a study visa.

STEP 4: Arrive Canada to study/ get study permit.

STEP 5: Graduate and Apply for PR.

Three Key Benefits of Using Study Route:

1. It is the easiest route with the highest Admission rate to Canada (Undergrad to PhD).

2. Does not need IELTS & no age restrictions .

3. It is a sure route to permanent residency.

This short true life story is for you:

– If relocating to Canada to become a Canadian PR is what you desire.

– If you desire a more secure and safe environment for you and you are your family.

– If you desire a better health system for yourself and your loved ones.

– You may be a Banker, doctor, recent graduate, a post-graduate student tired of the delay caused by the incessant ASUU strikes… even a coperr” that is about to finish his/her mandatory youth service and wants to get a postgraduate degree in Canada…

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– You should utilize the lesson in this story if you want to conveniently earn in Canadian dollars (It’s far stronger than the Nigerian Naira).

Another thing is that Canada is known for zero tolerance for racism. Canadians are known to be very tolerant and accommodating.

Despite so many challenges Seyi experienced, she was able to relocate to Canada and now she is living an amazing life in Canada.

Since she got to Canada, so many people have been asking her how they can also come to Canada using the system she used which led her to develop “The No Hassle Naija to Canada Japa System”.

The No Hassle Naija to Canada Japa System is a step-by-step system that shows you how to relocate to Canada within 9 – 12 months without the hassle of passing IELTS, no age restrictions, and most importantly without you losing money to dubious travel agents by following the process yourself.

If you are happy and excited to use this system, then click on this link for the more useful information [url]joshdigitalhub. com/canadapbp[/url] and be able to reach out to me to get a free but detailed video prepared by Seyi Obasi on the process of you becoming a Canada permanent resident without you losing money to dubious travel agents.

People from other countries like Ghana, India and so on also use this No Hassle System to Relocate to Canada.

Seyi Obasi comprehensive’s webinar that teaches you how to relocate to Canada via the study route will Show You:

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1. ​How you can get accommodation on getting to Canada at affordable rate.

2. How to get a well lucrative job in Canada.

3. Also, you will given an idea of how much you be needing for you to make your relocation to Canada dream become a reality this year.

4. Most importantly, how you can obtain your Canadian permanent residency once you are done with your study.

Click on this link [url][/url] to access the video training.

P.S: Remember, Canada is a safe environment for raising children. Also in the last few months, Canada government has been very eager to have students come into Canada as International students and then transit into permanent resident despite the Covid-19 issue, the pausing of the express entry process and other work visa.

P.P.S: As a bonus, I will be sharing with you a document that reveals to you 6 Fatal Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Are Thinking of Relocating to Canada from Nigeria (not knowing these could cost you at least $5,000!).

Apart from that won’t be needing to take IELTS test score and extra charges from travel agent(s), you don’t need to bother yourself of having a good CRS score.

Have a great time and make a wise decision to start your relocation to Canada journey today.

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