Much ado about Yutee Rone’s nude photo, Kika Good hair’s alleged involvement and the bloggers who spread the story

Apparently, the alleged blackmail story involving fashion entrepreneur, Yutee Rone, where her nude photos reportedly made the rounds online accompanied with purported stories of her alleged s3x romp with different men has been making the rounds online.

According to reports by Linda Ikeji’s blog, Blogger and former Encomium magazine staff, Abiola Aloba is the first person to publish the defaming story of the Abuja based fashion mogul.

Linda Ikeji took to her Blog to narrate the story. She wrote: “

The damaging story posted about Yutee was later deleted from Abiola
Aloba’s website after calls were made to him.

However, on February 7, the story showed up on another website called
Lagos Edition. This website not only made damaging allegations against Yutee,
but it also mentioned names and even posted photos of the fashion designer and
the people she’s allegedly involved with. Some of the names mentioned are
people who are quite popular in Lagos.

Aloba was suspected as the person behind the story since he posted
something similar initially. However, he denied it and said he had nothing to
do with it. 

The article was also later taken down from this website, but soon
after, it sprang up on another website called Society Reporters, run by veteran
journalist Sunday Adebayo. 

Sunday Adebayo is a society reporter and also used to write for
Encomium before he struck out on his own. 

Soon enough, the story began popping up on Instagram blogs.

Seeing the damage the said publication caused the family, Yutee and her
husband, Mr Julius Rone resolved to get to the bottom of the ludicrous
story and find the truth and its origin.

It was at this point that Yutee’s husband got the Inspector
General of Police Special Tactical Squad unit involved, as the attack on
Yutee and her family had begun to look like blackmail to extort the family and
bring the family name to disrepute. 

Sunday Adebayo was arrested on February 27th at midnight at his home
and during interrogation, alleged that the damaging story he published was
given to him by Abiola Aloba.

Hinted by his co-conspirator and informant that the
authorities were making moves to have him arrested, Aloba – a society
reporter who hangs with the big names in the Lagos social scene – abandoned his
home and family for 4 days and went into hiding.

Aloba was later tracked down and arrested in Lagos on
February 28.

Both men were transferred to Abuja for thorough investigations to uncover who their informant is, as it seemed like a sponsored post to damage the Rone family’s image.”

According to reports, Aloba named his informant in a video confession as Kika Osunde of Kika Good Hairs.

Kika was invited by the police for questioning but she did not honour the invitation. 

This resulted to the police issuing a warrant for Kika’s arrest on the 17th of March, 2020. See the arrest warrant as shared by Linda Ikeji below…

Kika is currently in London, however, Nigerian police have been ordered to arrest her on sight if she returns to the country.

Kika has taken to social media to deny being behind the blackmail. She wrote:

“I wish to inform the general public that I’ve seen what is out there against me and my person. But anyway, I’m not ready to join issues with anybody.

As it stands, I’m in discussions with my lawyer and I’m
making a complaint to the British authorities to be aware that there is also a
threat to my life. At this point, I’m not safe anymore. I’m aware that I’ve
been reported to the DSS.  I know my rights and the law is going to take
its cause (sic). I’m going to follow through the due process to fight my

But not relent, I’m not scared of blackmail or intimidation
from those trying to hide their atrocities.

At the appropriate time I will speak my truth with facts. I
know my rights, and I will fight for my rights. 

Stay tuned…

Kika Osunde.”

Watch a video of their arrest below…

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