OAP DO2dtun called out for saying music is not a guy’s calling

OAP DO2dtun

OAP DO2dtun has fired back at an artiste who recalled how he once told him that music was not his calling.

The artiste identified on Twitter as Investor Sean wondered why OAP DO2dtun now goes about dancing to DJ Cuppy’s music whom many question her talent.

He tweeted: “@iamDo2dtun I would always remember how you told me music was not my calling in 2016 yet you dance to @cuppymusic song just keep up with that fake life bruh we’d see how far it gets you”.

DO2dtun responded saying: Note: These are the kinda of artiste that don’t take criticisms very likely. 1st, I have never told any one ‘’music is not your calling”.. i will never.. I always will tell you “you need a lot of work” ok since 2016 till date, be truthful can you listen to your own song?”.

The artiste responded by asking for the OAP’s opinion on a new single he just dropped: “@iamDo2dtun thanks for your constructive feedback I would work on it and best use it to develop myself as an artist but in the meantime can you please listen to my new singles titled mama mi and let me know what you think about it?”.

DO2dtun replied: “I won’t..I am a fake guy & just cos u decided to lie on here to score an aimless point..I won’t. U don’t need to stupid to be sensible. So go and play the songs to your friends that will lie to you cos if I want to be as honest, you might not be able to even do nursery rhymes”.

OAP DO2dtun
OAP DO2dtun

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